Thursday, September 22, 2011

Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy!! - Philip Whitmore Snr

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.
- Anonymous

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone can give to another person - he believed in me. - Jim Valvano

He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
- Clarence Budington Kelland

Jacqueline on 4:06 PM

Peace of mind
Sunday, July 10, 2011

'There are both positive and negative aspects to our personality. On the one hand, we have love, wisdom, joy, and generosity, but on the other, we have anger, selfishness, laziness, and a long list of other problems. All these traits are just mental experiences, waves on the ocean of our consciousness; all have the same basic, clear nature. They are not static and permanent, but constantly in a flux, coming and going.

There are, however, two important distinctions to be made: positive states of mind are productive, beneficial for ourselves and others, whereas negative states are harmful, and bring only confusion and pain.

Peace of mind is achieved by cultivating what is positive, and abandoning what is negative.'

- Kathleen McDonald

Jacqueline on 11:45 AM

Inner core of values
Friday, June 24, 2011

'A tested inner core of values helps us to set our priorities and to live with the consequences of our actions. My business life has caused me to respect and trust counterparts who may be Japanese practising Shinto or Confucianism, Kuwaitis practising Islam, or cultural or religious Jews.

I believe personally that God is intermediated through Jesus Christ, who took human form, but I believe in a generous God who created this world for everyone and who would not deny anyone who is open in whatever way to receiving God's love. Some would say I am no longer an authentic Christian. I would respond, let it be so. I know of no other way to think of these matters in a world that has become truly global and in which our very survival may depend on seeing all humans as our brothers and sisters.' (McCoy, 2007, p. 201)

McCoy, B. H. (2007). Living into leadership: A journey in ethics. Stanford Business Books.

Jacqueline on 9:56 PM

The value of man

How do you assess the value of a man? By seeing how much he or she is willing to give of himself or herself instead of his or her ability to take.

Jacqueline on 7:11 PM

The Green Lantern

'At first he was thought to be the weakest because of his humanity, but his humanity proved to be his greatest strength'

Jacqueline on 7:07 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beginning to miss Iceland trip. The beauty of retrospection.

Jacqueline on 5:25 PM

Truth 2.0
Friday, June 10, 2011

Those who know, do not say.
Those who say, do not know.
The wise are therefore silent.
The clever speak - the stupid argue.

Mello, A. (2006). The prayer of the frog. Gujarat: Gujarat Sahitya Prakash.

Jacqueline on 10:43 PM

Vesak Day
Friday, May 20, 2011

Have been wanting to perform the ‘san bu yi bai’ (“three steps, one ‘bow’” [kneeling/prostration]) with my mum since last year. We finally did it at the last Vesak Day (altho my mum has performed it several times). I took about 2hrs to complete it, while my 70 year old mum was faster than me by 10mins :-) Well, this was because I took small sincere steps, unlike some who practically jumped from step to step (to be fair, it wasn’t easy!). My mum was quick, as usual. Have you watched ‘The Unstoppable’? :-) She also did the full routine, unlike some older folks who were younger than her, but unable, due to old age.

It was a very meaningful exercise, altho it was about 6am when I finally slept, after starting early in the previous day, and working for the whole day. This goes to show that when the motivation is right, energy will be at your disposal. I am not able to explain it in scientific and medical terms, but I’m sure this ritual has its scientific and medical benefits, being in touch with sincerity, focus, repentance, and deep humility. I felt healthier after the event. I also reflected on how I could do things even better along the way. Looking forward to this again with my mum next year.

Jacqueline on 12:33 PM

Family trip to Iceland and London - 25 Mar to 7 Apr 2011
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We went on a family trip to Iceland and London from 25 Mar - 7 Apr 2011. The focus of the trip was on Iceland. We drove round the island in our 5.7 litre, convertible Ford F350.

Saw beautiful waterfalls, glaciers, volcano craters, mountains, geysir, aurora, reindeers and rainbow.

Thanks Dad for organising and planning the trip, dear for driving the huge vehicle and Mum, Jo & Jas for the companionship!

Jacqueline on 10:52 PM